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Safety is our top priority, please read our Terms and Conditions:

  • COVID-19 Regulations: If you have experienced a fever, cough, sore throat, shortness of breath or have tested positive for COVID-19 in the last 7 days, please do not participate in any activities.
  • Off-Peak Cancellation Policy: Jet Ski Safaris has a strict 24-hour cancellation policy whereby any cancellations or changes (due to ANY reason) must be communicated 24 hours or more before your scheduled time of arrival.  For cancellations within 24 hours we reserve the right to forfeit the reservation with no refund and if rescheduling, you may be subject to a 50% rescheduling fee. If you are unable to attend and call us with 24 hours notice or more, we will do our best to reschedule your booking subject to availability. All group bookings (groups of 5 jet skis or more) require 7-days (if booked 7 or more days prior) notice prior to departure for cancellation. Group bookings made inside the 7 days refer to the minimum 24 hours notice). Bookings cannot be rescheduled more than once. We reserve the right to a no refund policy on all bookings being cancelled within 24 hours. No shows will forfeit any monies or bookings made.
  • Peak Season Cancellation Policy: From December 17th to January 27th and in all school holidaysJet Ski Safaris has a strict 48-hour cancellation policy whereby any cancellations or changes (due to ANY reason) must be communicated 48 hours or more before your scheduled time of arrival. For cancellations within 48 hours we reserve the right to forfeit the reservation with no refund and if rescheduling, you may be subject to a 50% rescheduling fee. During this period, we require 48 hours notice even if your cancellation is in relation to COVID-19 or the Vaccination Policy in place as directed by the Queensland Government. If you are unable to attend and call us with 48 hours notice or more, we will do our best to reschedule your booking subject to availability. All group bookings (groups of 5 jet skis or more) require 7-days (if booked 7 or more days prior) notice prior to departure for cancellation. Group bookings made inside the 7 days refer to the minimum 48 hours notice). Bookings cannot be rescheduled more than once. We reserve the right to a no refund policy on all bookings being cancelled within 48 hours. No shows will forfeit any monies or bookings made.
  • Time, Distance and Routes: Please note that the time and distance of our Safaris may vary depending on numerous factors such as weather conditions, water conditions, rider ability and traffic conditions. Depending on the time of the year (peak or off-peak) and tidal movements, the routes of our Safaris may also change. Please note: all tours are based on their kilometre distance OR the time frame. To ensure island stop tours are able to visit South Stradbroke, participants must reach a minimum speed on their skis or this may result in the island stop being forfeited to ensure the smooth operation of the rest of the day. Routes may be changed to ensure customers can reach their island stop without hinderence.
  • Customer Requirements: It is mandatory that all customers must read, write and understand English to be eligible to participate in our safaris. As per Self Hire and Drive Regulations, customers are not allowed to be under the influence of ALCOHOL OR DRUGS at anytime while on Jet Ski Safaris Skis. Integral to our product is a very comprehensive safety briefing which is essential for all participants to view and understand. All participants must complete the accompanying test prior to departure on any of our safaris. Customers must present the credit card used for online purchases with matching ID.
  • Age Restrictions: Government regulations state that the youngest age for a pillion passenger is 7 years (or minimum of 120cm). Teenagers aged 12 to 15 may have the opportunity to drive the ski when accompanied by a rider 16 years or over (at the guide's and management discretion). Teenagers aged 16 to 18 are able to drive the ski alone providing they have a parent or guardian’s signature. Participants must be 16 or over to take a pillion passenger with parent or guardian consent. 
  • Weight Restrictions: Our skis can be comfortably twin shared at no extra cost. The conditions are that the combined body weight does not exceed 200 kg. If guests exceed this limit another jet ski must be purchased and no refund will be given on existing jet ski. This is for customer safety, as injuries and jet ski damage can occur. 
  • Cancellation by Jet Ski Safaris or the Activity supplier: Should it be necessary for Jet Ski Safaris to have to cancel due to circumstances beyond their control, a full refund will be made to the customer, if rescheduling is not possible.
  • Weather: Jet Ski Safaris operate in most conditions and can provide wet weather gear if necessary. Should the weather be deemed unsafe due to storms or extreme conditions, all reasonable steps will be taken to reschedule the booking. Should this not be possible a full refund will be given to our customers. Tour cancellations are made by only the Jet Ski Safaris team and may be influenced by any current weather warnings at the time. 
  • Gift Vouchers and Activity Supplier Vouchers: Vouchers are non refundable, not transferable and not redeemable for cash. 
    Once a booking is made using a gift voucher or a voucher from an activity supplier the same cancellation policy applies as above; notice of cancellation must be made minimally 48 hours prior to due date. Gift Vouchers purchased with Jet Ski Safaris will not be refunded under any circumstances. If due process of 48 hour notice has not been made the gift voucher will be forfeited. Groupon and discount vouchers cannot be used during peak holiday season from December 27th - Jan 31st. Rescheduling any Groupon and discounted vouchers/bookings may be subject to a surcharge. Groupon vouchers cannot be refunded.
  • Jet Ski Safaris Booking Requirements: Jet Ski safaris require a minimum 50% deposit to secure bookings. If deposits are not made, the booking will not be secure, nor guaranteed.
  • Release and Waiver - Jet Ski Safaris Pty Ltd
    1) In this Release and Waiver:

     (a) ‘Organiser’ means Jet Ski Safaris Pty Ltd and its employees, guides, agents, volunteers and contractors and all other parties in any way involved in the organisation and conduct of the Activities.

     (b) ‘Participant’ means the person signing this form including their heirs, next of kin, representatives, successors, executors, administrators, agents and assigns.

     (c) ‘Event’ means the hiring of a jet ski from the Organiser for the use by the Participant, either as an operator or passenger at the Gold Coast, Queensland.

     (d) ‘Activities’ means the Event and includes all matters incidental to the Event such as transport to and from the

    Event, all matters preparatory to participating in the Event, including the giving of instructions and training about the conduct of and risks associated with the Event and the use of any equipment while participating in the Event and all matters associated with the performance of and participation in the Event, the provision of medical assistance or treatment associated with the Activities.

     2) Where this Release and Waiver is signed by a parent, guardian or supervisor of the Participant, the parent, guardian or supervisor consents to the minor’s participation in the Activities and provides the acknowledgements, release and waiver in his or her own right and on the Participant’s behalf.


    3) I acknowledge that:

     (a) Taking part in the Activities is subject to risks including death, personal injury and illness due to overexertion or strenuous activity, changing weather conditions and dangerous environments, and that there may be limited access to medical support and rescue services.

     (b) My participation in the Activities, is solely at my discretion and I have undertaken the Activities freely, voluntarily and absolutely at my own risk and with a full appreciation of the nature and extent of all risks involved in the Activities.

     (c) The Activities have inherent dangers and risks, including the real risk of injury or death.

    4) I will not attempt any reckless or dangerous manoeuvres including, for example, 180’s, 360’s or jumps.

     5) If I am operating the jet ski during the Event, I must maintain a proper lookout, keep safe distances from other vessels, objects and persons, and ensure that I comply with the rules for preventing collisions at sea.

     Please feel free to stop at any time for any reason. Please stop and inform a guide if you are lacking confidence in operating the Jet Ski, or if there seems to be a situation that compromises your own or anybody else’s safety.


     6) The Participant agrees to waive any and all claims that he or she may have now or may have in the future against the Organiser and releases the Organiser from any and all liability for any loss, damage or expense associated with injury, including death, that he or she may suffer or sustain as a result of participation in the Activities, due to any cause whatsoever, including negligence, breach of contract or breach of any statutory or other duty, on the part of the

     Organiser including the failure on the part of the Organiser to instruct, warn, safeguard or protect the Participant from any and all risks associated with the Activities.

     7) Nothing in this document prevents the Organiser from relying on any laws (including statutes and common law) that limit or preclude their liability.

    8) Nothing in this document excludes any term or guarantee which, under statute, cannot be excluded however the liability of the Organiser is limited to the minimum liability allowable by law. In particular, I understand that I

    may have rights under consumer guarantees set out in the Australian Consumer Law (Cth) or the applicable consumer legislation of the relevant State, as noted below.

     9) This Release and Waiver, and any rights, duties and obligations between me and the Organiser shall be governed by and interpreted solely in accordance with the laws of Queensland, Australia.


    10) I am medically (including physically and mentally) able to participate in the Activities and further warrant that I am not aware of any medical or physical condition which might be aggravated by participating in the Activities.


    11) I consent to any medical treatment which may be considered necessary by the Organiser in the event of injury or illness during the course of undertaking the Activities and I agree to indemnify the Organiser in respect of the cost of the medical treatment.

     Are you required to wear glasses to drive a car? Y/N If the answer is yes, then you are required to wear them on a jet ski!