Jet Ski Safaris – Our Tours.

Explore the wild blue yonder….get out there amongst it all. Escape to your own paradise with the Jet Ski Safari specialists.

We provide multiple guides so you can travel at the speed you desire…. FAST, MEDIUM or SLOWER. Catering for all levels of experience from professional racer to first time novice.

Guided Tours

All trips are guided by one of our experts, who have vast jet skiing experience and local knowledge. They are driven with a keen desire to make every safari that ventures out …” the best one yet”. They always keep your interests at heart.

Beginners Luck!

At least half of our customers have never been jet skiing before. Just relax and take your time to get the feel of it.

Speed Freaks – Start your engines…

If you like going fast then you’ve come to the right place, our 1500cc skis will let you experience the “full effect”.

It’s full on, full throttle…high speed and adventure all the way. With 130hp under your seat it’s the real deal!

Easy Rider…

Feel free to just cruise along at your own leisurely pace, while you enjoy the endless horizons and magical scenery.

Meet the local dolphins, turtles, wallabies and wild pigs that inhabit this wonderful jet skiing paradise.

Jet Ski Safari Specialists


No licence required and no experience necessary

Our friendly staff look forward to assisting you.

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General Bookings or Corporate Bookings

No licence required and no experience necessary

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